What does it cost?

After installation, SWOT.Solutions can cost as little as $29.90 per user per month. You can find our US price list here and our Australian/NZ  Price List here. Call your local office for a personalised quote.

How long does it take to install?

Installation usually takes between 1 and 3 hours. A qualified technician will arrange to log into your accounting server, set up the extraction routines, and set up the software necessary to put your SWOT data up on the cloud.

How does it connect to my accounting system?

We use industry standard techniques to extract the data. Usually this is by means of ODBC, but we can also use our custom middle-ware to extract and tidy up the data for you. If you have a popular accounting system then chances are we have an extraction script already written and ready to use with your data. a simplified technical flowchart is available to show the basic steps taken to get the data into SWOT.Solutions

How often does the data update?

We run a scheduled task to put the data up on the cloud server. Usually this will run overnight, but depending on the data and volume of transactions, we can arrange updates to happen as often as necessary.

Can I alter the text and criteria for what is shown in the SWOT area?

Yes. The framework for the output text is in a XML file, and this is easily editable. For example if you want to change the word 'product' to 'item' this is a simple search and replace task. If you want all threats to appear in Red text, then this can be altered as well. If you want something that currently shows as a weakness to show as a threat, then simply change the flag, and its done!

Can I add custom SWOT information that applies just to my business market?

Yes we have a programmable module that allows you to access external data and add it to what is shown in SWOT. For example you might want to show the customers current overdue balance, the percentage of total spend on one line of products, or demographic details from an external source. All of these are achievable within the Salesmatrix SWOT structure!